Paltita avocado oil: from the heart of the Aconcagua Valley
Although the first trials date back to 2004, Aconcagua Oil & Extract was set up in 2005 by three foreign residents who had been living in Chile for a number of years.
The three entrepreneurs, enchanted by the country's natural environment, opportunities, integrity and products, decided to involve themselves in one of the most beneficial areas of avocado production: avocado cooking oil.

The fine qualities of this oil, together with its exotic and sophisticated image, health benefits, intense green color, smooth body and exquisite taste, have all been integrated into the company's products.
The production plant is located in San Esteban, which is nestled in the Aconcagua Valley in Chile's central zone, surrounded by the country's main avocado plantations.
The avocado oil is processed employing state-of-the-art technology, in a typical Chilean country house with thick adobe walls.

The strategic goal of Aconcagua Oil & Extract S.A. is to become a market leader in prime quality natural gourmet foods, offering consumers an opportunity to make healthy living choices.
Our key objective is to produce delicious tasting natural oils at the highest standard possible, in order to fully satisfy our clients and engender a long-lasting, sound customer-producer relationship.
Thanks to its quality control system, our company has raised the standard for the production of natural oils among its competitors.
Moreover, consideration for the welfare of employees and the environment, based on sustainable development principles, forms an integral part of our business ethos.