Quinoa tabbouleh with tomato tempura, by Franck Dieudonné
Quinoa tabbouleh with tomato tempura
200 gr. Quinoa: (can be replaced by couscous)
¾ l. Chicken stock
50cc. Paltita avocado oil
A handful of fresh coriander
Half a red and green pepper
2 Tomatoes
50 gr. Tempura batter
Frying oil
Black pepper and salt
Wash the quinoa in cold water, cook in the chicken stock until soft and leave to cool.
Dress with Paltita avocado oil, diced peppers, chopped coriander and ground black pepper.
Peel the tomatoes, removing the seeds.
Prepare the tempura batter and heat the oil.
Dip the tomatoes in the tempura and fry.
Serve as an accompaniment to the quinoa tabbouleh.